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Need to send a parcel to a relative in Manilla but the traditional delivery way is too expensive? Want to send a special something to your fiancee in Kerala quickly? What about your friend based in Paris who is waiting for this gift you bought for her, that is not to receive until the next time you come home? Cheapship provides safe and budget friendly shipping services to individuals willing / needing to send something to a friend or a relative anywhere in the world. Cheapship is a community shipping network covering Asia, Europe and the Middle East. No matter what you need to send, Cheapship will have someone to hand deliver it for you, to your receiver. Sign up to be part of the Cheapship community and find the deliverer for your parcel.

it works

Very simple:

You are a sender: create your profile on our web or mobile app as a sender, tell us what the shipment is as well as where and when you need this parcel to be delivered. Give your own estimate of the delivery price and we will post your shipment profile to our list of deliverers. Those heading the same direction will contact you and we will let you take it from there.

You are carrier: create your profile on our web or mobile app as a carrier, tell us where you can/want to deliver any shipment and access the list of shipments matching your set of criteria. Once you've identified your shipment of choice, you can select it and discuss the shipment destination in more details with the sender.